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Meat Packs

View Our Current Meat Pack Prices.  Prices change weekly-depending on meat costs.  Our goal is to bring our customers the best quality meat for the lowest possible cost. Click the image below to view current meat pack options.

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We offer a wide range of meat cutting services from the fresh cuts we stock in our meat case for sale to farm raised and wild game processing.  Our trained butchers cut and wrap cuts of meat each day for our customers to select.  We do not strive to be the cheapest meat market in town, instead we pride ourselves in providing the finest cuts of meat for our customers that look and taste amazing.  We trim the fat, make boneless cuts, and use only a 85%-90% meat/fat content for our incredible ground chuck beef.

   Like you, Clear Creek Market has had to deal with the devastating economic results of the COVID-19 pandemic. Clear Clear Market has remained open and doing everything we can to meet the needs of all our customers.

   In our efforts to fill these needs we have incurred additional costs due to meat plant closings, labor shortages and trucking issues of our suppliers. Finding product and filling your orders has been challenging. Many times we will have to pay more for product than we would like in order to get our customers the most quality meat available.

   We are doing our best to keep product pricing stable but reserve the right to alter prices as market changes force us to.  

   We thank you for your understanding and wish you good health during these difficult times.

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Wild Game


Fresh Meat


Farm Raised Meat Processing

Wild Game Processing Services

$2.00 p/lbs ($200 minimum)

We realize that you spent a lot of time and money to harvest a wild animal.  Our trained butchers take pride in making sure that you receive the highest quality meat that you deserve.  

We also offer Hang-Only service if you would like to process your own animal and just need a cold place to store it until you're ready.  $10/day

Animal Drop-Off 7am to 7pm

Value and Perfection

For over 40 years, we have been providing the community the finest quality cuts of meat.  We only sell USDA Choice grade beef that we cut daily whole sections of processed beef.  

We also offer our same cuts of meat in Value Packs for your convenience.

Old Fashioned Butchering

$2.00 p/lbs ($200 Minimum)

Old fashioned domestic animal  processing is one of our specialities.  If you have a whole, half, or quarter portion of a domestic animal, we can process it into the famous cuts of meat that you are sure to love.  We vacuum seal all of our customs meats to keep it as fresh and protected as possible.

About Us

Since 1946 Clear Creek Market has been providing the community with the finest products and freshest meat, sandwiches, and fried food.  Our main goal is to provide each customer with the quickest and finest service imaginable.  Each day we make fresh sandwiches that our customers have made us known for.


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When is the last time you were encouraged, bulit-up, and appreciated at work?

Clear Creek Market is a family owned and operated business that has been a landmark in Redding since 1946.  We have two main goals that we set to achieve each and everyday; to provide all of our customers with the best customer service they could imagine and to provide a safe working environment where we can help build, encourage, and develop the our team members into being the best they can be.  If you feel like you have what it takes to join our family, simply fill out the attached application and bring it in to the store or email it to


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